In the Morris tradition, we dance to live music.  On any combination of  melodeon, accordion, concertina, fiddle and drum, our talented musicians play the tunes traditional to our dances.


Our costume is a lighter, more colourful version of a 19th century female textile mill worker’s clothing, which consisted of a long, heavy, dark skirt,  long apron, white blouse, large warm shawl, and wooden-soled clogs.  Our male dancer wears white trousers and shirt and a coloured waistcoat.

The traditional clogs we wear are made for us and imported from Lancashire.


Our dances are from the English North-Western counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and South Yorkshire. They are usually named after the towns and villages in which they originated - for example, Runcorn (Cheshire), Grenoside (Yorkshire), Shawforth (Lancashire).


The dances are classified as Garland, Stick, Clog or Hankie.  The New Holland Hankie Dance, which was choreographed by our  leader, is unique to the Fair Maids of Perth.


The dance steps include ranting (an exaggerated polka step), skipping, and high step 'marching'.


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  • Garland dance

  • Hankie dance

  • Stick dance